Welcome to OpenEnterprise

Thanks for installing OpenEnteprise. We hope it helps you create an amazing website.


OpenEnterprise comes with several of the most popular themes available on Drupal.org. You can change the theme by going to Appearence at the top of the page. Please note that different themes have different regions and you may have to go to the blocks page and reposition the blocks into new regions when switching themes. Go to Structure->Blocks to change this.


Your site is currently a blank canvas with many great tools to build it. To get started you can either create your own content types, views and set up the site yourself or install some prebuild apps. Apps provide complete bundled functionality that will greatly speed up the process of creating your site.

To install more apps select the Apps menu item on the toolbar at the top of the page.


If you need more help with how to set up and administer your site, check out tutr.tv. It is a great place to find videos from many of the leading experts on Drupal. You can also get those videos embedded into your site with the tutorials module.