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Spay/Neuter bill becomes Law in Maryland (Examiner 5/16/13)

MVFA and HSUS Celebrate Landmark Spay/Neuter Program (Press Release 3/22/13)

Support Spay/Neuter Program for Maryland (Blog 3/22/13)

Spay/Neuter Fund (Equiry 3/28/13)

Spay/Neuter Bill backed by Md Senate (Examiner 3/21/13)

MGA Oks statewide spay/neuter program (Capital Gazette 3/19/13)

Save Thousands of Animals and Millions of Dollars (Baltimore Sun, Opinion 3/19/13)

County animal shelters back proposal to create spaying, neutering fund (Frederick Co. Gazette Net 3/14/13)

Spay Neuter: Legislators Propose Bill to Reduce Homeless Animal Problem (Eldersburg Patch, Government, 2/27)

Veterinary Support for Maryland Spay/Neuter Fund (Capital Gazette, Opinion)

HSUS, Maryland Votes for Animals Applaud Proposal for Statewide Spay/Neuter Program

Bills Introduced Aim to Increase Spay-Neuter Funding (Ohmidog)

HSUS and MVFA Applaud Spay/Neuter Proposal (Press Release)

Shelter Data that Vets Need to Know (MVMA Newsletter)

Maryland Ponders Spay/Neuter Legislation (The Baltimore Sun)

Bills would establish statewide spay-neuter program (Capital Gazette) 

2011 - 2012:

High Five for Maryland’s Animals (Bay Weekly)

PFI and PIJAC named to Task Force

Legislative Synopsis for 2012 (Maryland Veterinary Medical Assoc.)